explitia provides maintenance services for both its own products and solutions of other global software suppliers. We have service experience for systems from various industries, including: automotive, chemical, food and household appliances. We have a team of about twenty people involved in service support, so we can guarantee full replacement. Discover the possibilities and benefits of service cooperation with the explitia team. 

Starting the website – 3 steps

The three-stage process we have designed allows us to effectively start cooperation in the maintenance of IT systems in the production plant. 

A modern service system – Jira

In service cooperation, we use the modern Jira Service Management system, which has been adapted to the needs of our clients. It is an advanced ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) solution dedicated to managing service issues. 

The Jira system allows for the standardization of tickets because it handles the website in a ticket manner. The client receives access to the program and uses it to create new tasks. When working on the application begins, the status changes to “in progress”. After proposing an action, the client has the option to accept or reject the suggested solution. If the answer is negative, the task reappears at the initial stage. The system records every order, including telephone orders, so you can get full insight into the history of submitted applications

Jira Service Management – benefits

Cloud tool – the user can use the solution from various devices, at any place and time.
Ability to manage all service performance indicators – guarantees high quality and maintenance of various parameters, including: the ones specified in the SLA.
Full insight – the user not only can create tasks, but also track the status of their implementation.
Quick response to notifications – after placing an order, the appropriate service team immediately receives additional notification.

Jira Service Management – constant development

We care about the speed of request processing and the comfort of service cooperation with our clients. That is why we are constantly developing our services and service tools. We plan to launch the Knowledge Base in the near future. It will help you complete typical nad recurring issues even faster.

Service plans

explitia Service – Why is it worth it?

Experience in many industries
A large team of specialists
A modern service management system
An individual telephone number for the client to connect with the people currently on duty
Remote service or at the customer's production plant
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External service – sample benefits

Learn about the advantages of separating the website and using the support of the explitia team.

  • Lower costs – fee for the time working on the application, no costs related to full-time employment.  
  • Competenciessupport from experienced specialists. 
  • Replacement and availability of experts – no administration related to hiring additional employees. 

Our service package includes:

Consulting related to building processes and transferring knowledge for the purposes of providing maintenance services and developing IT systems.
An on-demand development team - you only pay for completed work.
Dedicated telephone number – you call one number and our service management system redirects you to the person who is on duty at a given time.
Access to the JIRA service request management system along with tracking the progress status of individual tasks.
Dedicated monthly reports on work carried out and costs.
Summary reports that suggest changes and budget potential system modifications to improve its performance in the future.
A supervisor managing the website, who is available for summaries of completed tasks.

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