MES System

Does your production plant really use an automatic MES system, or maybe it is necessary to enter data manually? What capabilities of the manufacturing execution system are particularly important for your company? Do you know how to automate information flow in machinery? Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of independent explitia technology advisors and choose the best solution for your company.

What is a MES system?

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) class system is an advanced IT solution aimed at supporting production execution and management. It is a segment between SCADA and ERP solutions.

The SCADA system affects the control layer more, while ERP is used for settlements and better management of the company with the so-called bird’s eye view.

The MES system covers the production area, but in much greater detail than ERP. It allows a precise control of the entire production process.

The term “MES system” first appeared in 1992 and meant tools enabling effective and efficient operation of production processes. In practice, the concept of a MES system is extremely broad and is understood to some extent differently in each company.

MES – data flow automation

If the MES system was implemented in a production plant some time ago, with previously defined assumptions and capabilities, often with a lack of standardization at the control system level – it is manual. The explitia team specializes in extracting data directly from machines, which allows for the automation of information flow.

MES situation AS IS

Currently, some of the IT solutions referred to in production plants as a MES system are in fact an operator’s panel where the operator manually provides all kinds of data, e.g. produced quantities, materials or quality.

Our company’s team is most interested in data which comes directly from machines and is related not only to performance or efficiency, but also to the entire product life cycle, i.e. traceability. In addition, the systems we implement enable two-way communication with ERP and other external applications, including: warehouses or for production scheduling.

Which MES is best for your production plant?

Frequently, MES solutions available on the market are limited only to efficiency issues. As an independent technology advisor, explitia, in addition to its own solutions (Production Portal), also offers consulting, implementation and development of software from global suppliers, including such brands as: AVEVA, COPA DATA, Mitsubishi, Siemens. A wide range of competences also allows us to design and implement fully customized solutions which respond to the challenges of a given production plant. The explitia team always tries to propose a solution that will be effective both in terms of the available budget, requirements and standards.

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