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Construction of an IT infrastructure

An IT infrastructure is a set of IT solutions including: various types of network hardware and software, organisational standards, as well as procedures and services existing in the production plant. It is the basis for the design, implementation and development of IT systems in the enterprise. Explitia offers a comprehensive approach to the digital transformation of production plants and support in developing a secure and scalable IT infrastructure.

Building an IT infrastructure – explitia opportunities

Every IT system needs an appropriate IT infrastructure. However, designing it is often a time-consuming and complicated process. An IT infrastructure consists of different elements including servers with defined and specific roles. However, an application server, a database, or a server responsible for direct communication with objects are a different issue. The explitia team can design an IT infrastructure for a production plant optimal for a specific application size. Our specialists will provide professional advice and indicate the hardware resources necessary to complete a given task. In addition, we try to approach each cooperation flexibly, and therefore we offer:

  • conducting an audit and professional consulting of solutions and tools already functioning in the production plant.
  • preparing a detailed quote, as well as building from scratch a secure IT infrastructure which allows further development.
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Implementing the system with the existing IT infrastructure

If there is an existing IT infrastructure in the production plant:

  • we check whether it meets the minimum requirements for a given task.
  • we design the method of communication between the IT part (servers) and the object part, i.e. PLC controllers and various executive devices, e.g. intelligent islands, ERP systems,
  • on the basis of the audit, we diagnose executive elements and elements of the control system that are missing to complete the task.

IT Infrastructure – Security

We can propose and build appropriate industrial networks which separate the OT layer from the IT layer. We advise on how to appropriately divide communication channels to prevent communication overload and congestion. We also place emphasis on redundancy (redundancy in relation to the basic value) and periodic backup of applications. Data is a key element of all our IT systems, therefore we recommend periodic backups at several levels: physical, application and database. Periodic administrative activities related to the security of servers and data access may be a part of the maintenance services we provide.

IT Infrastructure Plan

Based on the audit, we can offer preparation of detailed documentation and creation of an IT infrastructure plan in the facility – all controllers and servers should be connected into an appropriate layered network infrastructure. Then, appropriate servers should be granted access, e.g. office network, industrial network, etc. In this case, end users gain access to reports, visualizations and other effects of the system, which in the case of such systems as the Production Portal, are built in web technology.

Build your IT infrastructure with explitia

Thanks to our experience in implementing projects in Poland and abroad, for production plants from various sectors (including automotive, chemical, food and household appliances), we can offer the design and construction of an optimal IT infrastructure. Our offer includes implementation estimates – from the purchase of servers, through field cabling, to the installation of appropriate communication devices inside individual control cabinets.

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