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SCADA systems

explitia is an independent technological advisor in the field of building process visualizations. We offer support in the selection and implementation of SCADA systems from global software suppliers, including: AVEVA System Platform or InTouch, COPA-DATA Zenon, GE Digital iFix, Mitsubishi Electric ICONICS, Siemens SIMATIC WinCC. Discover the possibilities of the system supporting the supervision of the production process.


What is a SCADA system?

The name of the system is an acronym of the English words: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. The use of SCADA solutions is huge and can be used in any enterprise environment that cares about data collection, efficient insight into key information and quick process supervision.

It greatly facilitates production management.

SCADA - Liquid or loose products

In plants using liquid or loose products in the production process, the technological process is usually highly automated. In such enterprises, machines and executive facilities are directly connected, and semi-finished products are invisible during the process. Only the raw material and the final product are visible. Thanks to the SCADA solution, you can efficiently supervise what happens between subsequent production stages. The system is therefore a central place and has a key impact on production continuity.

We offer SCADA systems from global suppliers

Our team has experience in implementing solutions from global manufacturers, including:

Selected capabilities of the implemented SCADA systems

Visualizing the production process.
Control room - view of multiple threads on one screen.
Possibility to control executive devices.
Formulation - several stages, adapted to the client's manufacturing process.
Control of orders and devices used for them - the operator can only activate tanks matching the formula (tank and formula lock).
Real-time efficiency control.
Indicating the status and quantity of resources in tanks.
Highlighting the current raw material transport route and animation of the machine or robot.
Automatic communication with control systems.
Collecting and archiving all raw data from production processes.
Supervision of performance and production plan.
Standardization of object views - what the system shows is a reflection of real devices located on the production floor.
Connection of parameters with the product - the ability to quickly modify the set temperature in order to maintain high quality of the product.
Safe manual control – the ability to introduce security measures which allow controlling devices manually only by authorized people and under certain conditions.
Reporting based on historical data - we use tools embedded in the SCADA system and external solutions,
Instructions for the operator – guide the operator step by step, so it is known how to perform a given operation.
Alarming – Thanks to the windows illumination, the operator can immediately see where he/she should react.
Waveform charts – ability to build historical and current trends.
Full integrity with other IT systems (including MES, ERP, DCS).


Improved safety – the system can decide to close the valve or protect against improper activation of tanks.
Faster response time, e.g. by automatic alarming and sending e-mail or SMS notifications.
Better use of human resources – production control from one system.
Higher efficiency, elimination of waste and lower production costs.
Greater flexibility and agility in production.

Why is it worth it?

  • Possibility of integrating control systems with software supporting business processes.
  • Automatic supervision and control of the production process.
  • True production representation – visual representation of data.
  • Efficient regulation of the production process.
  • Possibility of implementing the software as a cloud solution.
  • Data archiving.

SCADA system with explitia team

We know production technologies

Our employees have competences in integration with automation systems and industrial IT.


We have many years of experience

We have implemented the SCADA system for Polish and foreign production plants, including: from the automotive, food, chemical and household appliances industries. The SCADA systems we implement control entire factories of large, well-known brands, which allowed us to develop good and effective standards for the visualization of executive elements.

We care about safety

We pay special attention to network security. We support our clients in providing guidelines related to the construction of a safe network infrastructure based on individual communication channels with control systems. In addition, we have implemented the SCADA system in many production plants, adapting to various security and infrastructure requirements.

We advise the best solution for the client

We want the implemented solution to support the client’s real needs and respond to the challenges he faces. That’s why we implement not only our own software, which we constantly develop, but also systems from global suppliers (SCADA).

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