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ESG are three key factors that a company should follow when striving for sustainable development in the environmental, social and management spheres. Check how individual elements of the multi-faceted approach are implemented by explitia.

What does ESG consist of?

The environmental aspect focuses on the actions taken by the company to support the well-being of our planet and the protection of the natural environment. The other two spheres directly affect people. Actions aimed at improving the social aspect concern the development, satisfaction and safety of employees as well as the impact on the local community and the company’s economy. The management aspect focuses on effective and consistent communication, transparency of values, vision and mission of the business.

ESG w firmie produkcyjnej

explitia and support in the implementation of ESG

As independent technology advisors, we are ready to support our clients at every stage of the change process, helping them implement ESG-related initiatives effectively and efficiently. Our role is to provide support throughout the development process.


ESG in explitia

As creators of digital technology, we develop ESG areas not only among our clients by building IT systems which e.g. optimize production processes, are responsible for traceability and help save energy and utilities. We also care about sustainable development in our own activities.

Environmental aspect in explitia

In our company, we use IT solutions (e.g. ERP and EMS) that support effective management of enterprise resources, communication between employees and optimal use of media. In our daily work, we try to use devices with low power consumption. Instead of disposable water bottles, we use tanks. We reduce printing documents – management board members have electronic signatures.

ESG in explitia – employee development

We believe that supporting employees’ development translates not only into their job satisfaction, but also into increased efficiency and professional commitment. That’s why we run a number of initiatives that support this process:

We offer group insurance and a Medicover sport co-financing.
Employees can choose their place of work - remotely or in the office, travel can be subsidized or based on our company car.
We invest in our office and workspace to facilitate the efficiency and productivity of our teams. Additionally, our new headquarters has a relaxation space.
We are focused on the transfer of knowledge between employees, so in addition to external courses, we also conduct internal training.
Every quarter we organize integration trips, and we give small gifts on holidays and birthdays.
At explitia, everyone has the opportunity to develop hard and soft skills through workshops, training and meetings with clients. Additionally, you can use 1 day a month for self-improvement.

Support of the local community

We are a company from Piekary Śląskie, and local belonging is very important to us. We try to actively support the surrounding community and economy. We are proud sponsors of the MKS Olimpia MEDEX handball team and we try to take part in many local social events.

Traineeship and internship program

Starting a career path may seem difficult and complicated. We want to help students in the first stage of their professional career. We organize lectures at schools and universities and offer a program of apprenticeships and internships that allow young graduates to gain knowledge and experience from experts.

ESG in explitia – corporate governance


The management board of explitia attaches a great importance to transparency. Each employee can learn about what is happening in the company during the monthly summary meeting. In addition, an online notice board has been implemented in the employee system, thanks to which the entire team is kept informed about the most important events, directions and strategy of the company.


We are all equal in our organization. We call each other "you" and treat each other equally, regardless of age, education, seniority or professional experience - after all, everyone started working once. We focus on creativity and the ability to initiate your own ideas. We have a flexible approach to building software concepts within the boundaries of the framework and technical scope agreed with the client.


Each team has the opportunity to meet and talk with decision-makers and jointly create the company's strategy, having a real impact on the direction of our business development. Employee surveys are also often carried out regarding decision-making and opinion-forming issues on various topics. The management board always emphasizes that the opinion of employees is of key importance and influences the final decisions.


The structures of the board, management and leaders are not established in an iron hierarchy, but are based on responsibility in specific areas. Thanks to this, our bonus system is fair, based on both individual and company goals.

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