Zarządzanie buforami produkcyjnymi

Management of production buffers 

The Logistics Platform module enables efficient and effective management of production buffers in various areas of the production plant. The solution is a WMS class system. It is perfect for production plants where the symbiosis between production and warehouse is important. The system allows to e.g. detect and eliminate bottlenecks in the space between the warehouse and the production line. Discover the possibilities of a scalable IT tool which promotes your development.

One system, two applications 

Operator’s application

— is addressed to employees who place goods in the warehouse,, namely forklift operators. It graphically shows the operators where they should pick up or place the goods. The system was created for touch devices, such as tablets or panel computers. The system includes large sliders and buttons that allow you to be operated e.g. in gloves. The large font makes it easier to read also for the visually impaired.

Admin’s application

— is addressed to warehouse managers in order to monitor stock levels (reports, statements, etc.). The system offers huge configuration possibilities regarding the application itself and storage buffers (e.g. algorithms for downloading and inserting platforms, areas, regions, channels, components, users).

Warehouse buffer management system 

Selected possibilities of the operator’s app 

Warehouse buffer management system — reports

  • Inventory Reportcontains information on all platforms in the area. 
  • NRFT Inventory Reportprovides information on all NRFT platforms in the area. 
  • User activity report – a summary presenting the daily activity of users. It allows you to verify the performance and check whether the system is properly operated by employees. 
  • “Platform Information” report – contains information about the component included in the given platform, type of platform, as well as location, date of insertion and an alternative component.

Selected capabilities of the administrator application

Advantages of the production buffer management system

Intuitive interface and clear graphical presentation of the warehouse buffer - 3D (isometric) and 2D (aerial) view.
Web application operating in client-server architecture: - easy to update, no reboots or production downtime. - multiplatformity - the ability to use different devices at any time.
A scalable solution - it can be implemented as a single module, in connection with other elements of the Logistics Platform, e.g. a solution supporting the delivery of "Just in time" materials to production lines, as well as integrated with external systems.
Lower application maintenance costs (in IT departments).
Possibility of integration with other solutions, e.g. ERP.

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