Automatyczne księgowanie z ERP

Automatic accounting with ERP

Production management does not mean having to choose between implementing an ERP or MES system. The purpose of both solutions is different. However, the data from the manufacturing process can be successfully entered into the system which supports management of the business.

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Production management — MES and ERP data exchange

The scope of some processes can be implemented in the MES or ERP system, with the necessary synchronisation of these solutions, e.g. production planning. Ideally, both solutions are implemented in the enterprise at the same time, but this is an extremely rare case. Therefore, the scope of responsibility depends in some cases on the processes already running in the company.



Automatic accounting - example

With the Automatic accounting module, you can, for example, plan production in detail in ERP, send the plan to the production management system and observe the degree of its implementation. You can also create a queue of orders in ERP, assign BOM, while detailed planning and distribution of orders are assigned to IT systems supporting production management.



Production and enterprise management - the scope of data exchange

MES class solutions should primarily be responsible for collecting and communicating with machines and automating data circulation. In this case, the enterprise management system treats MES as a source of data automatically coming from machines and with the appropriate context. In addition, two-way communication allows you to initiate business processes in the ERP system, and then receive data directly from the machines at the appropriate level of detail.

Automatic data accounting in MES and ERP most often includes:

Benefits of automatic accounting with ERP

Easier enterprise management (in terms of production and business activities)
Huge opportunities to optimise and develop the company
Elimination of errors caused by data rewriting
Time saving and better use of human resources

Why is it worth it?

Efficient access to data supporting production management and business decision-making (fusion of production and business data).
Process optimisation - no duplication and no need to rewrite the same data. The information is transferred automatically, e.g. the production counter is downloaded from the machine by the MES system and automatically sent to the ERP.
Much better insight into the real condition of the enterprise.
A way to find bottlenecks and possible optimisations.
Scalability of the solution - the module can be implemented as a standalone system or in connection with other tools of the Production Portal.
Increased production agility - business data allows you to react faster to changing conditions, guidelines, etc.
Greater security.

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