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About us

We create adaptable IT solutions that improve security and support the control of production processes. The spectrum of our specialisations covers three levels: Production Portal, Logistics Platform and Services. Cooperation, empathy and flexibility – these are the values that characterise us and enable constant technological development, as well as building long-term relationships with clients and employees. Discover explitia!




Board of explitia

Three completely different personalities who together can move mountains – this is how the management of Explitia can be briefly described.

Adrian Stelmach

CEO | President

CEO of Explitia. Responsible for the area of sales and marketing. A graduate of the Silesian University of Technology. Advisor on the implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept. Author of countless press publications and training sessions on production traceability, as well as solutions increasing safety and optimising the use of machinery. Privately, a lover of theatre plays directed by Krystian Lupa, a table tennis fan (with skills almost at the professional level) and a loyal fan of Manchester United.

Artur Zieliński

CFO | Vice-president

– finance and contract execution responsible. He has 4 years of experience in managing companies in the technology industry. The Silesian University of Technology graduate. Undoubtedly, a renaissance man – a science lover (especially physics and cosmology), interested in the history of science, a fan of good science fiction and a great enthusiast of Stanislaw Lem’s works. Moreover, a sympathizer of active leisure, especially swimming, cycling volleyball and long walks (preferably in the old towns).

Mariusz Napierała

CTO | Vice-president

Head of the implementation team and the implemented technologies. He actively supports, consults and creates conditions for development. The Silesian University of Technology’s Computer Science Department and the University of Economics graduate. Has more than 20 years of IT experience, leading and implementing IT projects. Privately an amateur carpenter, travel and music festivals lover.

Team of explitia

The foundation of our company is a committed and professional team – people who really like what they do, but also like each other.

We are very lucky that the structure of the Explitia company includes so many specialists and enthusiasts of so many fields including programming, automation, production technology, and management. This is confirmed by the hard skills of our employees.



Our competence

Check what percentage of the Explitia team has knowledge of specific tools.

90% Data visualization, e.g. Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Reporting Services.
90%Database including Microsoft SQL Server.
80%Programming languages e.g. C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, TSQL/SQL, VBA.
75%Web-backend m.in. ASP.NET, Entity framework core, WCF, Python (Django, Flask), Node.js (express.js).
65%Web-frontend, e.g. Bootstrap, Foundation, Tailwind CSS, .NET (Blazor, Razor pages).

explitia’s values


It concerns customer relations, an agile approach to the purchasing process, as well as the implemented solution. In relations with clients, we try to be advisors. We focus on the challenges of a given production plant and from the palette of various solutions we offer tools that will constitute a real support. As a part of the product offer, we have and develop our own, scalable IT systems, but also software from global suppliers (including AVEVA, COPA-DATA, GE Digital, Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens).


This is an important element not only in contact with the client, but also inside our team. Both our clients and us are not afraid to ask and answer clearly. It is thanks to cooperation that we can implement effective IT solutions. Explitia's employees are informed about the upcoming and further plans for the development of the company. We regularly organise internal training and our team actively shares knowledge.


The customer does not need to have proficient technological knowledge. What distinguishes the Explitia team is the combination of experience in the field of production technology with programming modern IT solutions. We know perfectly how to combine data from machines with business software. That is why we help in choosing optimal solutions, trying to listen, understand, advise and clearly explain. Empathy is also visible in employee relations - we are happy to share knowledge and help each other. In addition, in cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology and local schools, we organise apprenticeships and internships. We believe that the opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge of an experienced practitioner is very important and valuable for every person starting his/her professional path.

explitia’s mission

Our solutions

Production Portal

An advanced, yet scalable system that allows you to implement a single module or a comprehensive ecosystem. Its functions go far beyond the standard MES class system (Manufacturing Execution System)


Logistics Platform

A modern solution combining the WMS and PULL systems. It allows you to implement a specific module or all tools, giving you great development opportunities. It helps in many aspects including better use of warehouse space, permanent inventory records or just-in-time delivery of materials to production lines.

Programowanie dla produkcji


We combine process knowledge with system programming! Therefore, in addition to implementing our own solutions, we also offer support in the selection and implementation of:

  • MES and SCADA class systems from global software providers (including AVEVA, COPA-DATA, GE Digital, Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens),
  • dedicated IT solutions.
  • advanced Business Intelligence reporting.

Contact us

Do you want to move your production plant to level 4.0? Are you interested in modern solutions for industry in the field of automation and digitisation? Be sure to let us know!

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