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Our mission

explitia specialises in creating, selecting and implementing adaptable IT solutions for production plants. All activities are based on three values: flexibility, empathy and cooperation. Each of them is equally important and only in synergy with each other they ensure a constant development of explitia in the areas of: technology, relations with clients and employees. Get to know our company values!

explitia - mission

explitia’s mission is to create a safer world by providing dedicated IT solutions for manufacturing plants. Our innovative tools and solutions help manufacturing companies streamline processes, increase efficiency and raise product safety standards.

We offer our customers the highest quality technology consulting. In addition to excellent software expertise, explitia’s team has extensive knowledge of technological processes. Our teams consist not only of programmers, but also project managers, application architects and ERP communication specialists. As a result, we provide support at every stage of the process.

We focus on three key values: flexibility, empathy and collaboration. Flexibility allows us to tailor our offerings to the individual needs of each client. Empathy helps us better understand our clients and their daily challenges. Collaboration, on the other hand, is the foundation of our approach, enabling us to interact closely with our customers, as well as to function effectively with our internal teams.

explitia is not just about providing IT solutions. It’s a partnership for a better, safer and more efficient manufacturing world.

explitia’s values



Flexibility at explitia concerns customer relations, an agile approach to the purchasing process, and the implemented solution.

In relations with clients, we are doing our best to be advisors focused on the specific challenges of the production plant. We do not try to offer our own solution at all costs, but from the range of different solutions we try to adjust the offer to the needs and possibilities of the client.

As a part of the product offer, we not only have and develop our own IT systems, but we also possess competence and experience in implementing software from global suppliers (including AVEVA, COPA-DATA, GE Digital, Mitsubishi Electric, and Siemens). This enables us to propose a solution that will truly support the client’s business.

In addition, all our systems are scalable – they allow you to implement one or all modules of the Production Portal or Logistics Platform.


Nowadays, the changes in new technologies are occurring much faster than the adaptation of companies in this area. For this reason, companies are often unaware that there are solutions on the market which may support and help them to optimise and develop their business. We understand it perfectly – after all, technological proficiency is often not the core business of the company planning to buy e.g. a new IT system.

What distinguishes the explitia team is the combination of experience in the field of production technology with programming modern IT solutions. We always try to listen, understand, advise and clearly explain.

Empathy also manifests itself in relations within the company. The survey showed that:

94,3% of our team feels that colleagues give them all the information they need.

97,1% of employees positively assess the atmosphere in the company.

84,1% of the team believes that the company respects and understands them.

It is also worth mentioning that we regularly organise the apprenticeships and internships in cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology and local schools. After all, each of us once started his/her professional path and the opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge and practice of experienced specialists and experts is valuable.


This is an extremely important element when choosing and implementing an IT system. Why? It is the cooperation that enables us to get to know the real challenges of the machine park and choose solutions that will effectively support the business needs of our clients.

Cooperation guides us in every project. Our clients are not afraid to ask, while we try to provide them with clear and understandable answers. On the other hand, we actively ask about customers’ needs, we listen and define optimal IT tools together.

Internal cooperation

Cooperation is also visible in relations with employees and the management board.

  • Every last Friday of the month we meet as a team – it’s a great opportunity for us to see each other, but also the opportunity to learn about the company’s closer and further plans.
  • We organise quarterly individual meetings and internal training They create space to share ideas for development, observations or knowledge.
  • We like each other at work and after work 🙂 That’s why, if necessary – we are never afraid to ask and always happy to help you.


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