Production Portal

Optimise the production processes, e.g. by using solutions for visualisation of the production status, traceability, planning and distribution of orders or automatic reporting. Discover the possibilities of the Production Portal and introduce your factory to the concept of Industry 4.0.

What is Production Portal?

The production portal is a modern and advanced, yet scalable solution that goes far beyond the standard MES class system (Manufacturing Execution System). It is a modular solution – you can freely select individual elements and combine them with each other.



identyfikowalność produktu

What does the Production Portal contain?

The Production Portal consists of modules that enable the following:

  • product traceability,
  • optimal production planning,
  • indication of production efficiency in real time,
  • detecting the causes of downtime,
  • automatic reporting,
  • visualisation and historicisation of all data and indicators,
  • traceability from manual and automatic stations, focused on direct data collection from the PLC.

Why is it worth it?

Flexible and agile productionBased on real data, you can make business decisions much more efficiently and effectively in a changing reality, and the history of production allows you, for example, to quickly withdraw a defective product from the market.
Full product knowledgeYou gain access to all parameters related to the production of a given product based on its serial number (individual element ID).
Compliance with the principles of Lean manufacturingAutomatic data collection from the production process affects the transparency of production, and therefore allows you to draw conclusions and constantly improve and optimise your production processes.
Better communicationAutomatic flow of orders in real time - from the planner to the operator. You also gain detailed information on the course of the order and the component produced.
Lower costsConstant access to current and archived data and the ability to analyse results also in specific contexts (e.g. machine, operator, specific department). Automatic data flow reduces manual rewriting and duplication of the same information in different systems.
Constant process controlChecking in subsequent stages whether the part can be produced. This has a significant impact on the increase in production safety.
Greater securityReal-time monitoring and automatic or semi-automatic inference. You will detect deviations right away, even before the actual problem arises.
Error eliminationAutomatic reporting and accounting of data to the ERP system minimises errors that could occur during manual data entry. Moreover, system integration ensures that data is not unnecessarily duplicated.
Better management of human resourcesAutomation of processes means that the time that employees had to spend on writing documents can now be spent on creating specific value.
Higher productivityThe possibility of efficient detection of "bottlenecks" and better communication allow e.g. to create an optimal production plan, optimise production processes, which in turn increases efficiency.

Optimisation of production processes with the Production Portal

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