Zbieranie i wizualizacja danych

Data collection and visualisation

Constant checking of values from many devices, machines, rooms or systems is time-consuming and difficult to analyse. A modern EMS-class IT solution allows you to automatically collect and visualise data from various sources. This will bring you a constant insight into new and archival information. One glance is enough to gain important knowledge.

What are EMS systems?

The key capabilities of EMS class systems (energy management system) are as follows:

  • collecting and visualising data directly from machines and devices.
  • analysis of indicators based on automatic data.
  • the ability to send information and set values.

Thanks to this, the solutions facilitate the management of electricity consumption in the enterprise. They allow you to optimise processes and achieve better energy efficiency.

The solution for data acquisition and visualisation – for whom?

The solution can support the managers, leaders, and all employees who want to make decisions based on reliable current data. It can be used effectively e.g. in production plants, hospitals, schools, sports centres and companies with office facilities.

System capabilities

Data acquisition

Web application for data acquisition from many sources – measuring devices, other applications, internal services, external portals. All information is presented in a readable way for efficient analysis.


When making business decisions, it is worth considering not only current data, but also indications from previous days, months or years. The solution gives you constant access to full historical data.

Data processing

How much gas did your business use in the last month? How much electricity do individual machines in your machine park use? How not to exceed the dew point temperature? Thanks to the solution, you can gain access to important information in real time, without the need for manual calculations. Real data will certainly support business decisions, e.g. regarding the optimisation of electricity consumption or taking measures to reduce the carbon footprint.

Benefits of the solution for data acquisition and visualization

Accelerated reasoning and decision making – powered by data analysis systems.
Constant access to current and archived data
Quick insights – a lot of data from different sources presented in one place
A way to find savings

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Why is it worth it?

Licensing based on the number of measurement points – it doesn't matter how many employees in your company use the solution or how many computers run the system.
Bi-directional communication with measuring elements – visualise values from sensors, machines and measuring elements and send setpoints.
More efficient decision-making – one glance is enough to obtain current data. Receive clear reports automatically via e-mail.
Flexible and scalable solution – quick implementation for many different types of data. In addition, the module can be implemented as a standalone system or in conjunction with other tools of the Production Portal.
Data visualizstion from a single machine or the entire factory– IT solution as the focal point.
A clear and simple interface – A clear and simple interface
Easy access regardless of location and device – use your phone, computer, tablet.
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