Pre-implementation audit

A pre-implementation analysis, project feasibility study, concept, requirements book, audit. There are many definitions of the service that determines the correct cost calculation of creating and implementing an IT system – especially the one that is to meet the individual needs of the production plant. Why is it so important? Discover the benefits of auditing!

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What is an audit?

Before implementing an IT system, it is worth creating a detailed scope of requirements and standards for potential suppliers. It usually takes the form of a document that contains: a detailed description of the implemented solution and how the system should work.


Audit - description of the process

The Explitia team helps the client to select appropriate IT solutions for the needs of the production plant in a consultative manner. We define the scope of the project and create a detailed description, including such information.

The audit is a process in which the explitia team, together with the client, determines the scope of the IT solution. This helps you to determine the budget for the implementation of the system. The analysis also improves the implementation process and minimises the situation in which new assumptions suddenly appear, affecting the overall cost of the project. The entire consulting process is carried out according to the Agile concept.

Audit - sample information

What IT solutions are included in the project.
How many machines the system is to work with.
What are the data sources.
What drivers are in the machines.
What are the program statuses of these controllers, is it possible to obtain data from them.
If the data that the client expects is no longer available in other sources.
How the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system works in the enterprise.

Why is it worth it?

During an audit, the explitia team is an external team with specialist knowledge. Combined with the client’s competences, it jointly defines the requirements. Then, it creates documentation, which can serve as a pretext to carry out the purchasing process or collect offers. A pre-implementation analysis helps to check whether the planned project is really needed and is business justified.

explitia’s offer is flexible – in addition to constantly developed and supported own solutions, the company implements and has a real impact on the development of software from global suppliers (including AVEVA, COPA-DATA, GE Digital, Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens). Thanks to this, it faces a given challenge at the client’s implementing it in various ways and adopting the tool which meets the expectations of a given production plant. explitia is like an independent expert who selects the best tool for a given production plant from a wide range of solutions.

In addition, the company has experience in various sectors including household appliances, FMCG, and automotive.


Knowing the real needs of a wide range of decision makers
Clarification of the scope of the project - less risk of unplanned activities
Creation of a requirements book - assistance in collecting offers and their reliable comparison
A more efficient implementation process
Checking whether the project is business justified

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