Automatyzacja rejestrowania produkcji

Automation of the reporting process

With automated reporting process, you will use human resources more effectively and will be sure the data is correct. The solution eliminates the need for operators to write production reports manually. It also minimises the need to rewrite the same data to multiple files or systems. It saves time, while the constant access to reliable information will certainly support business decision-making, and will enable to identify bottlenecks, plan production better and increase efficiency.

Automatic reporting - greater efficiency

The automation of the reporting process collects the most important data from the manufacturing process and presents them in the form of clear summaries. All information is historicised and enables efficient analysis and comparison of important indicators. Automatic reporting ensures that the indicated data is correct. This makes it much easier to find the space for optimisation.



Sample data collected automatically

Production data and time (start and end dates of the process).
Production order number.
Operator ID registration.
Station ID.
Operation number.
Registration of process parameters.
Identification of the sequence of processes.
Registration of product ingredients.
Registration of tools used for the product.
Operation completion status (OK/NOK).
Reason NOK.

Benefits of automatic reporting

Better management of human resources
Access to real data
Minimising the risk of errors in the documentation caused by manual data entry
Better production planning
Greater efficiency
Greater security - you have constant access to data from the production process. You can react quickly if necessary
Save time - no manual data entry required

Why is it worth it?

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