explitia recap 2023 – innovations, collaboration, development

January 5, 2024

They say hard work pays off. In the explitia team, finding enthusiasts for their profession is not difficult, and as a result, we can confidently say – past year was extremely busy and exciting for us. The cooperation, determination, and the commitment of all the teams led to interesting projects and new challenges for the months ahead. What interesting events unfolded in 2023? Here is a recap!

Innovative product lines 

Last year, we developed three comprehensive and scalable product lines. Our solutions were designed to address the challenges of specific groups, including Polish and international manufacturing plants, providing optimal responses to diverse requirements. 

Production Portal 

This is an advanced MES (Manufacturing Execution System) class system. It consists of several modules that can be flexibly designed based on the specific needs of each manufacturing facility.

explitia recap 2023

Some features include:

  • traceability,
  • production planning,
  • real-time production efficiency,
  • downtime root cause detection,
  • automated reporting,
  • ERP integration,
  • statistical process control,
  • aggregation, visualization and historicization of all data and indicators,
  • traceability from manual or automated workstations that target direct data collection from the PLC.

Logistics Platform 

This powerfull tool allows gradual development and is suitable for manufacturing plants seeking synergy between production lines and warehouses. It combines the capabilities of systems: 

explitia recap 2023

It Services

In addition to implementing our own products, the explitia team has experience in designing, implementing, and servicing systems based on software from global providers such as AVEVA, COPA-DATA, GE Digital, Mitsubishi Electric, and Siemens.

The diversity of the proposed support and IT tools enables us to primarily fulfill the role of an independent technological advisor who selects the best solutions from many options to address this specific challenge

At the beginning of the collaboration, explitia can propose a detailed assessment of current processes. The pre-implementation analysis allows us to identify the actual spaces for optimization. Based on the real information, a plan for building and developing the system is created, along with the determination of the budget. 

Throughout the collaboration stages with clients (in the purchasing, advisory, design, implementation, or service processes), we always strive to operate according to the Agile concept. 

explitia recap 2023

Jira Service Management – top-level IT Service

Our extensive experience in acquiring data and creating IT systems for automotive, home appliances, food, and chemical industries, has allowed us to gain not only in design knowledge but also in service competence. Hence, we offer IT service for both explitia’s proprietary software and solutions from other providers.

In our daily service collaboration, we utilize the modern Jira system. This tool standardizes requests, providing clients access to a panel from any location, device, and at any time. Users have full insight into the history and statuses of their requests, while the service team automatically receives notifications of new requests, accelerating response times. 

Marketing explitia – communication strategy 

The entire explitia marketing team unanimously states that brand communication must be authentic. Therefore, 2023 was dedicated to developing content and materials that truly reflect explitia’s daily operations. As a result: 

And furthermore… 

explitia recap 2023

Relationships and personal development at explitia

We constantly strive to enhance skills, sharing knowledge within our teams and actively participating in courses, training, and workshops. Relationships are equally important to us. Therefore, we aim to create a friendly space for both professional and personal growth.

We want everyone to feel confident in their actions and know that support is always available. We understand that the first day in the company is always a stressful moment for employees, interns, or trainees. Thus, we try to make it enjoyable by preparing welcome packages full of our gadgets!

Explitia adopts a flexible approach to the workplace. While some activities are carried out at client manufacturing facilities, employees have the option to work from the office, remotely, or in a hybrid manner – depending on their preferences. This is why the moments when we can all meet “offline” are very crucial for us.

Most likely, the majority of our clients can confirm that explitia employees stand out not only for their specialized knowledge but also for their genuine willingness to support and commitment. Such actions in 2023 resulted in several significant, successfully completed projects. The past year was a time of dynamic development, collaboration, and innovations, laying the foundations for future successes. In 2024, we will continue to support our clients actively in digitizing manufacturing facilities and optimizing production processes with the same enthusiasm. We also have ambitious plans for the development of explitia products – the Production Portal and Logistics Platform. 

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