Dostawy just in time

Just-in-time deliveries to production lines 

Get to know the Logistics Platform module, which is responsible for just-in-time deliveries in the production plant. The solution helps e.g. in optimising the transport of materials from the warehouse to production lines. It supports to maintain order on the line and to manage the order of deliveries effectively. It also reduces downtime and queues. 

Just in time deliveries - description of the module

The PULL solution, the purpose of which is to deliver components to the production lines, following the calculated (real-time) demand, according to the Lean Manufacturing concept. 

PULL solution - how does it work?

The Logistics Platform module calculates the demand for parts in such a way that the material is delivered on time. It is done on the basis of: production counters, current stock of components on the lines and the production plan. The expected material demand is presented on tablets, placed on trolleys working in warehouses and delivering components to production lines. 

Just in time logistics - examples of system capabilities

Configuration of the warehouse and receiving stations
In-system communicator for operators
Calculation of real material demand, based on production counters, current stock of components at stations and the production plan
A clear presentation of the current demand on the tablets placed on the trolleys delivering components

Why is it worth it?

Support for the trolley operator in selecting the most urgent needs and determining the optimal route.
Reducing the costs associated with the delivery of materials between the warehouse and production.
Reduction of excess stock at production stations.
Ensuring order on the production line.
Saving time and increasing productivity - among others by better time management of employees, elimination of queues.
Possibility of integration with external ERP systems (including SAP), WMS, MES.
Scalability - the solution can be implemented as a single module, combined with other elements of the Logistics Platform, e.g. a solution for managing production buffers, as well as integrated with external systems.
Security - Management of user permissions.

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